Starting a Company Abroad 

Starting a company overseas is no easy task-there is alot of red tape involved. In addition to that you also have to be cognizant of the business environment in that particular country. In this article Malta will be used as an example of what sort of requirements must be met when looking to start a […]

Online safety 

Online safety issues have been with us ever since the Internet was invented. Though a diligent approach to using a computer or device online will usually protect you. How To Shop Safely When shopping online always check any web address you intend to shop at. If ‘https’ is at the start of the address, together with a […]

Staying safe and protecting information online 

The prevalence of the internet these days means that there may well be more of people’s personal information in view to others than they are comfortable with. Here’s a brief look at how to help prevent personal information falling into the wrong hands – whether bank details or embarrassing photos from the last Christmas office […]